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Society of Endometriosis and Uterine Disorders (SEUD)
VIII Congreso Colombiano de Endoscopia Ginecológica

Why should you participate?

• Raise your knowledge: on an international stage with national and global leaders in women’s health.

• An innovative program: dynamic keynote lectures, breakout sessions, and exhibitions will allow you to learn about the latest updates in research, care, and policy related to Endoscopy and all the illness related to the low genital tract.

• Face-to-face interaction: Meet leading experts and innovators in research, practice, and technology.

• Add your voice to the discussion: your attendance will help to propel women’s health to the top of the international health agenda.

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Congress venue

Chairs & Co-Chairs

Francisco Carmona


Barcelona, Spain

Rafael Padrón


Cartagena, Colombia

Orlando Flórez


Popayán, Colombia

Scientific Committee

Francisco Carmona
(Barcelona, Spain)

Rafael Padrón
(Cartagena, Colombia)

Jimmy Castañeda
(Bogotá, Colombia)

Charles Chapron
(Paris, France)

Felice Petraglia
(Florencia, Italy)

Mauricio Abrao
(São Paulo, Brazil)

SEUD Board

Francisco Carmona
(Barcelona, Spain) – President

Charles Chapron
(Paris, France) – Founder

Felice Petraglia
(Florencia, Italy) – Founder

Linda Liudice
(San Francisco, USA) – Board member

Hugh Taylor
(New Haven, USA) – Board member

Tasuku Harada
(Tottori, Japan) – Board member

Andrew Horne
(Edinburgh, UK) – Board member

Pietro Santulli
(Paris, France) – Board member

Junhua Leng
(Beijing, China) – Board member

Paola Vigano
(Milan, Italy) – Board member

Fernando Reis
(Belo Horizonte, Brazil) – Board member


Orlando Flórez
(Popayán, Colombia) – President

Jesús Andrés Benavides
(Pereira, Colombia) – Vice-president

Marcela Rodríguez
(Bogotá, Colombia) – Secretary

Saulo Molina
(Bogotá, Colombia) – Treasurer

Nelson Taborda
(Cartagena, Colombia) – Vocal

Nathalie Jurado
(Manizales, Colombia) – Vocal

Diana Martínez
(Cali, Colombia) – Vocal

Orlando Villamizar
(Cúcuta, Colombia) – Vocal

Liliana Logreira
(Villavicencio, Colombia) – Fiscal