Welcome Note for SEUD Meeting 2017

Dr Yoke Fai FONG

President of the 3rd SEUD Congress

Dr Sun Wei GUO (China)
Dr Jim TSALTAS (Australia)
Local organizing committee
Anupriya Agarwal
Nainda Calustre 
Harvard Lin
Karen Lim
Li Ma
Kai Lyn Ng
Ying Woo Ng
Judith Ong
Bharti Parikh
Shakina Rauff
Meilan Xie

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Dear Friends and Colleagues

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to join us in Singapore in 2017 for the SEUD Congress. This is the third meeting for this exciting Congress and the first time it will be held in Asia, from 6th – 8th April 2017.

Singapore is in the heart of Asia, with Changi Airport having more than 100 airlines flying to some 330 cities in about 80 countries and territories worldwide. Singapore is distinctive in combining the best of East meets West, with a modern and efficient infrastructure, yet very much retaining the uniqueness and charm of Asian culture.

The theme for the 2017 Congress is “Fibroids and Uterine Bleeding: Unlocking the Issues”. Up to a third of women have fibroids and many more have some form of abnormal uterine bleeding during their lifetime. It is an appropriate opportunity for us to unlock the issues and controversies and we have the privilege to host internationally renowned speakers known for their expertise at this meeting.

Not forgetting the ideals of our first two Congresses, we will still continue to feature both Endometriosis and Adenomyosis in the scientific program. The width, breadth and depth of the topics to be discussed, with live surgeries, key note lectures, plenaries, debates, workshops, National sessions etc, will certainly make this a very exciting Congress for its high level scientific content.

Singapore is the springboard to the regional countries and itself is a unique and exciting tourist destination. The Congress venue itself is in the heart of the city, with the famous Marina Bay as the backdrop, and the Gala Dinner itself will be held at the Gardens by the Bay, an attraction that has won multiple awards such as the THEA award, World Building of the Year award, TripAdvisor Travellers’ choice awards and many more.

We look forward to seeing you here in 2017.

Assoc Prof Yoke Fai FONG
President of the 3rd SEUD Congress

Are you ready for SEUD 2017?