Gold Standard Treatment of Endometriosis
& Fertility Preservation
About program
  • Welcome and Introductions | Prof. Carmona
  • Presentation: Patient history (endometriosis) including reasons for procedure and technique preference | Dr. Rius
  • Live surgery including questions from the audience | Prof. Candiani assisted by Dr. Rius
  • Discussions: Latest evidence regarding fertility preservation and improving surgical outcomes | Prof. Carmona, Prof. Candiani, Dr. Rius
Live from Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, Spain


October 4th,


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About the experts
Pr Massimo Candiani
San Raffaele Hospital, Milan, Italy
Francisco Carmona - Barcelona | Spain
Pr Francisco Carmona
Head of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Service at Hospital Clínic de Barcelona
Dra.-Mariona-Rius Webinar Lumenis
Dr Mariona Rius
Obstetrician gynecologist specialized in endometriosis
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Teresa Aznar
Teresa Aznar
5 years ago

I would like to assist on line to this stud event. Steps to do…??

Caroline H
Caroline H
Reply to  Teresa Aznar
5 years ago

Hi, you can register for free to see the Webinar!

Jisha Elizabeth
Jisha Elizabeth
5 years ago

Hi, I am Jisha Elizabeth belongs to India.

I got a video from Dr. Nisha Pillai, MBBS, MD, FACP, FACC, Asst. Professor of Cardiology, Hofstra School of Medicine, NewYork, USA, saying Endometriosis happens when a woman go to the temple on her menstruating time.
Also she states that the upward energy of temples, pushes the menstraul blood to upward and causes for endometriosis.

Is that true?

Could you please elaborate about this here or in the web symposium!?

Thank you

Jisha Elizabeth
Jisha Elizabeth
5 years ago

video by Nisha Pillai, cardiologist, to Northwell Health and American Board of Cardiovascular Medicine and The Brooklyn Hospital Center .
She says in Malayalam that women who are menstruating should not enter temples because downward energy is created during periods and this clashes with the upward energy that temples create, leading to infertility and endometriosis. She is not just being antiwoman but this is unscientific and goes against the basic tenets of modern medicine. This is quack-speak. Her patients and American medical authorities should take note.


Please go through this link….

Thank you

Frank kagema
Frank kagema
5 years ago

Does caesarian section increase the incidence of adenomyosis?