What is FLO ?

FLO is an AI-powered health app for women, used by 120 millions of them worldwide. This app supports them during an entire reproductive period.
Just as SEUD, FLO aims to improve health and well-being of every woman in the world.
To fulfill their objective, FLO offers different types of content to educate women.

What does our collaboration offer?

SEUD has decided to partner with FLO to create a dedicated online course on Endometriosis for their users.

“Endometriosis Explained” is separated into 6 main topics:

  • The definition of endometriosis
  • Its impact on life
  • Its diagnosis
  • Its treatment options
  • Its pain management
  • The genral lifestyle
Katerina Shkodzik, Medical advisor at Flo Health
Together with SEUD we will form a powerful force to increase the awareness about endometriosis and bring a full understanding of the issue to encourage women to find treatment

All of the lectures are presented by Dr Silvia Vannuccini – a SEUD member and have been  launched on the FLO app in March 2020. They’ve already reached 20 000 people in a couple of months!

All of the lectures are made for the general public and are very well explained.
It is a great tool to explain endometriosis easily to all of the patients.

Download the FLO app on Google Play or ton he App store