Program of 2nd Congress of SEUD


sponsored by General ElectricImaging in endometriosis and uterine disorders


  • Imaging work-up for patient with chronic pelvic pain. How to do it? – C. Ros & L. Buñesch (Spain)
  • Differential diagnosis of ovarian endometrioma – J.L. Alcázar-Zambrano (Spain)
  • Diagnosis of adenomyosis: types, ultrasound criteria – C. Exacoustos (Italy)
  • Role of bowel preparation in diagnosis of deep infiltrating endometriosis – M. Gonçalves (Brazil)


Coffee break

  • A comparison between TVS, TRS, and MRI in preoperative diagnosis of DIE – S. Alborzi (Iran) & A.E. Millischer (France)
  • Role of 3D-TVUS in diagnosis of other uterine disorders (UID, congenital malformations, fibroids, fertility…) – S. Young (USA)


Tips and tricks in endometriosis and uterine disorders

ROOM 3Daily issues of office and operative hysteroscopy
Chairs: R. Nonell (Spain), E. Cayuela (Spain) & M. Gracia (Spain)

  • The challenge of miomectomy in office hysteroscopy – S. Haimovich (Spain)
  • Essure hydrosalpinx occlusion as an alternative to avoid laparoscopic surgery in endometriosis. A safe choice? – S. Luisi (Italy)
  • Factors affecting pain perception in outpatient hysteroscopy – S. Luisi (Italy)
  • Discussion

ROOM 8Contraception and medical treatment of endometriosis
Chairs: M.A. Martínez-Zamora (Spain) & J. Munrós (Spain)

  • Continuous versus cyclic use of oral contraceptives in patients with endometriosis: safety and efficacy. – F. M. Reis (Brazil)
  • Which are the medical treatment for endometriosis. – C. Petta (Brazil)
  • What are the indications for medical treatment in endometriosis patients? – C. Tosti (Italy)
  • Discussion


Russian session

ROOM 4Chairs: V. Balan (Russia) & A. Popov (Russia)
(Russian-speaking session)

  • How we treat endometriosis in Europe. – N. Waters (United Kingdom)
  • How we treat endometriosis in Russia. – A. Popov (Russia)
  • How we treat uterus myoma in Europe. – R. Bochorishvili (France)
  • How we treat uterus myoma in Russia. – S. Buyanova (Russia)
  • Discussion


Spanish session

ROOM 5Chair: A. Hernández (Spain)
(Spanish-speaking session)

  • New biomarkers in endometriosis diagnosis. – J. Gilabert (Spain)
  • Adenomyosis: “The unknown disease”. – M. A. Martínez-Zamora (Spain)
  • Strategies to fertility preservation in young patients with endometriosis. – P. Barri (Spain)
  • Endometriosis in no common localizations. – A. López (Spain)
  • Safe morcelation. Is there any alternative? – A. Hernández (Spain)
  • Discussion


sponsored by Medtronic, Karl Storz, Teleflex, LumenisLive surgery from Hospital Clinic of Barcelona

PLENARY ROOMChairs: D. Dexeus (Spain) & P. Brescò (Spain)

  • Hysterectomy with percutaneous instruments. – C. Rossitto (Italy) & S. Guelli Alletti (Italy)
  • DIE Nodule with transanal disc excision. – H. Roman (France)
  • Endometrioma treated with CO2 laser. – M. Candiani (Italy)
  • Ovarian tissue autotransplantation. – F. Fabregues (Spain)
  • Histeroscopy using intrauterine morcellation. – M. Degollada (Spain)


Symposium Gedeon RichterRole of Ulipristal Acetate (UPA) in uterine fibroids

ROOM 6Chair: J. Calaf (Spain)

  • UPA mode of action: from fibroids to the future. – E. Morris (United Kingdom)
  • Real world experience with UPA pre-operatively. – H. Fernandez (France)
  • Long term management of fibroids with UPA: clinical experience and guidance. – A. Deans (United Kingdom)
  • Q&A.


Symposium HologicSymposium

ROOM 6Chair: M. Bongers (The Netherlands)

  • A walkabout in the world of ambulatory gynecology. – J. Thiel (Canada)
  • Long-term follow-up of NovaSure endometrial ablation in adenomyosis. – G. Dubernard (France)
  • RCT NovaSure versus Thermablate (NOTE trial). – M. Bongers (The Netherlands)
  • Discussion


Cocktail lunch


Opening Ceremony – PLENARY ROOM

F. Carmona (Spain), C. Chapron (France), G. Tarafa (Spain), A. Verges (Spain)


Keynote Lecture

PLENARY ROOMChair: C. Chapron (France)

Risk of malignancy for endometriotic and adenomyotic patients. – Y. F. Fong (Singapore) Download abstract


Adenomyosis: the modern diagnosis

PLENARY ROOMChair: S-W. Guo (China) & S. Alborzi (Irán)

  • Adenomyosis: a life-cycle approach. – G. Benagiano (Italy)
  • The enigmatic junction zone: the key point of adenomyosis. – G. Leyendecker (Germany) Download abstract
  • Imaging for the evaluation of adenomyosis. – C. Exacoustos (Italy) Download abstract
  • Adenomyosis classification. – G. Pistofidis (Greece) Download abstract


Coffee break and exhibition visit


Abnormal uterine bleeding: from adolescence to perimenopause

PLENARY ROOMChair: G. Serour (Egypt) & A. Popov (Russia)


Posters visit and welcome reception


Tips and tricks in endometriosis and uterine disorders

ROOM 8Managing abnormal uterine bleeding
Chairs: M.J. Martínez-Serrano (Spain) & M.A. Martínez-Zamora (Spain)

  • AUB in the adolescent and perimenopausal women: what do we have to take into account? – J.Calaf (Spain)
  • Who can benefit of new therapeutic strategies of AUB in patients with myomas? – H. Critchley (United Kingdom)
  • Practical vision about how to treat AUB in adenomiosis patients with or without associated endometriosis. – J. Calaf (Spain)
  • Discussion


New technologies for endometriosis and uterine disorders
Chairs: M. Gracia (Spain) & M. Rius (Spain)

  • Current role of CO2 fiber laser in gynecology. – I. Tandoi (Italy)
  • Beyond the gynaecologist: the current role of uterine artery embolization in uterine
    disorders. – F. Gómez (Spain)
  • Interventional alternatives to surgery for the treatment of adenomyosis. – H. Harada (Japan)
  • Discussion


Keynote Lecture

PLENARY ROOMChair: F. Petraglia (Italy)

Genomics of fibroids: so what? – L.A. Aaltonen (Finland) Download abstract


sponsored by finoxRelationship between adenomyosis and endometriosis

PLENARY ROOMChair: F. M. Reis (Brazil) & T. Harada (Japan)

  • Endometriosis and adenomyosis as pro-coagulant diseases: causes, consequences and clinical implications. – S-W. Guo (China) Download abstract
  • How to evaluate adenomyosis in patients affected by endometriosis? – S. Singh (Canada) Download abstract
  • Endometriosis phenotypes and associated adenomyosis. – C. Chapron (France) Download abstract
  • Current and future medical treatment of adenomyosis. – F. Petraglia (Italy) Download abstract


Coffee break and exhibition visit


Free communications

ROOM 3Free communications 1
Chair: E. Suarez (Spain)

  • Uterine androgen receptor expression in women treated with selective progesterone receptor modulator, ulipristal acetate – L. Whitaker (United Kingdom) Download abstract
  • Changes in ovarian reserve following CO2 laser fiber vaporization in the treatment of ovarian endometriomas – J. Ottolina (Italy) Download abstract
  • NRF2/GCL pathway in endometriosis – L. Marcellin (France) Download abstract
  • Soluble HLA-G in endometriosis – M. Abrão (Brazil) Download abstract
  • Is there a place for ulipristal acetate in adenomyosis medical treatment? – J. Ferreri (Spain) Download abstract
  • Abnormal activation of RhoA/ROCK-I signaling in junctional zone smooth muscle cells of patients with adenomyosis – W. Sha (China) Download abstract
  • Dilated and leaky vasculature and inflammation in endometrium: a recipe for adenomyosis-related heavy menstrual bleeding? – X. Liu (China) Download abstract
  • Is the extent of fibrosis in lesions responsible for the severity of dysmenorrhea in women with in ovarian endometriomas? – J. Nie (China) Download abstract

ROOM 4Free communications 2
Chair: E. Fernández (Spain)

  • The role of protescal in intrauterine adhesions treatment – A. Alieva (Azerbaijan) Download abstract
  • GnRH agonist triggering controls painful symptoms scores during IVF/ICSI cycle – M. Bourdon (France) Download abstract
  • ART outcomes for fresh versus deferred frozen-thawed day-2 embryo transfer: a matched cohort study – M. Bourdon (France) Download abstract
  • ART outcomes in endometriosis-affected women after fresh versus frozen embryo transfer cycles: a matched cohort study – P. Santulli (France) Download abstract
  • Impact of adenomyosis in endometriotic patients undergoing in vitro fertilization: comparison of ovulation induction protocols – C. Tosti (Italy) Download abstract
  • Preeliminary results of a oocyte cryopreservation program in severe endometriosis – F. Ricard (Spain) Download abstract
  • Intraperitoneal pressures in gynecologic laparoscopy: a systematic review and meta-analysis – E. B. Kyle (Canada) Download abstract

ROOM 5Free communications 3
Chair: A. López (Spain)

  • Estradiol induces over-proliferation in adenomyotic cells of the junctional zone through hyper-activation of RhoA/ROCK signaling pathway – F-Q. Sun (China) Download abstract
  • Association between intestinal nodules of deeply infiltrating endometriosis, ovarian endometriosis and adenomyosis – C. Ros (Spain) Download abstract
  • Ultrasound autologus intramyometrial serum injection as a breakthrough treatment of adenomyosis: a step towards adenomyosis vaccine – A. F. Ali (Egypt) Download abstract
  • Rapid effects of estrogen on intracellular Ca2+ regulation in junctional myometrium through the menstrual cycle in uteri with and without adenomyosis – W. Sha (China) Download abstract
  • Altered expression of NGF, PGP9.5, S100 and VEGF at the endometrial-myometrial interface of uterus in women with adenomyosis – X. Che (China) Download abstract
  • Serum CA125, HE4, and growth factors as serum markers of adenomyosis – N. Bersinger (Switzerland)
  • Role of steroidogenic factor 1 (SF-1) and its target genes in ovarian endometriosis – B. Borghese (France) Download abstract
  • Long term vaginal danazol treatment in women with deep infiltrating endometriosis and adenomyosis – C. Tosti (Italy) Download abstract

ROOM 6Free communications 4
Chair: J. Gilabert (Spain)

  • Serum AMH levels is a “mis-giver” in case of ovarian endometrioma – L. Marcellin (France) Download abstract
  • Ultrasound guided intra myometrial injection of zamzam water as new modality of treatment of adenomyosis – A. F. Ali (Egypt) Download abstract
  • 3D ultrasound for the diagnosis of adenomyosis – L. Bouschbacher (France) Download abstract
  • Farid Intelligent balloon: a new modality for treatment of adenomyosis – A. F. Ali (Egypt) Download abstract
  • Adenomyosis does not influence outcomes in oocyte reception cycles – I. González-Foruria (Spain) Download abstract
  • Descriptive analysis of a population of women living with adenomyosis diagnosed by 3D ultrasound – L. Bouschbacher (France) Download abstract
  • Risk factor of adenomyosis: a prospective case control study of 352 women with preoperative diagnosis at MRI – L. Marcellin (France) Download abstract

ROOM 8Free communications 5
Chair: E. Villegas (Spain)

  • Ultrastructural characteristic of myocytes in uterine Junctional Zone – Z. Ying (China) Download abstract
  • Efficacy of GnRH-a combined high intensity focused ultrasound ablation for adenomyosis – G. Yinshu (China) Download abstract
  • IL-22 promotes angiogenesis of adenomyosis by strengthening crosstalk between vascular endothelial and endometrial stromal cells – M. Li (China) Download abstract
  • Conservative laparoscopic electro coagulation adenomyolysis for the management of a adenomyosis – H. Hossam Abd Elfatah (Egypt) Download abstract
  • Progesterone responsiveness is not downregulated in adenomyosis – T. Hiraoka (Japan) Download abstract
  • Adenomyosis arising in 20-year-old woman after uterine perforation: study on the possible pathogenesis – R. Honda (Japan) Download abstract
  • Adenomyosis and age are associated with failure to control abnormal uterine bleeding using first generation endometrial ablation – C. Souza (Brazil) Download abstract
  • Quality of life associate with adenomyosis and abnormal uterine bleeding: a pilot study – C. Souza (Brazil) Download abstract


Symposium BayerFilling the gaps in endometriosis management: new clinical data


  • The need for a multidisciplinary, individualised, long-term treatment plan. – C. Chapron (France)
  • Management of endometriosis in adolescents. – F. Petraglia (Italy)
  • Real-life evidence with Visanne: new quality of life data from a non-interventional study. – M. Yarmolinskaya (Russia)
  • How can we best manage our patients for the long-term? Retrospective clinical data with Visanne. – T. Roemer (Germany)
  • What comes next: Bayer’s research activities for gynaecological therapies. – O.M Fischer (Germany)
  • Q&A and close. – C. Chapron (France)



PLENARY ROOMManagement of infertility for DIE patients
Chair: J. Tsaltas (Australia) & Y. F. Fong (Singapore)

The better option for fibroids related infertility
Chair: R. Kho (USA) & S. Singh (Canada)


Cocktail Lunch, exhibition visit and lunch symposium




sponsored by Nordic Pharma

The magnitude of the problem
of adhesions

PLENARY ROOMChair: J. Gilabert Estellés (Spain)

  • Survey on awareness of adhesions in gynecology and obstetrics. (Interactive session with previous online survey) R. Leon De Wilde (Germany)
  • Is it possible to predict adhesions after gynecological surgery? – H. Bröhlman (The Netherlands)
  • Methods for adhesions prevention in Gyne Obs. – G. Pados (Greece)


Latin American session

ROOM 8Chairs: C. Petta (Bazil) & R.Martín (Colombia)
(Spanish-speaking session)

  • Pathogenic pathways for endometriosisadenmyosis-myomatosis-ovarian cancer. – R.Martín (Colombia)
  • Fertility preservation program in patients with endometriosis. – R.Rueda (Colombia)
  • Diagnosis and surgical planning in endometriosis patients. – J. Salgado (Puerto Rico)
  • How to improve clinical results after IVF in endometriosis and adenomyosis patients. – C. Petta (Brazil)
  • Discussion


Videos session

ROOM 6Chair: S. Iglesias (Spain)

  • Laparoscopic management of diaphragmatic endometriosis: triple approach – B. Darwish (France) Download abstract
  • How far can we push the limits of conservative surgery in large rectal endometriosis? – B. Darwish (France) Download abstract
  • Endometriosis-related bowel subocclusion and hydronephrosis: pushing the limits of endometriosis conservative surgery – B. Darwish (France) Download abstract
  • Laparoscopic cerclage: challenging cases – K. Arendas (Canada) Download abstract
  • Approach to the obliterated posterior cul-de-sac – K. Arendas (Canada) Download abstract
  • Laparoscopic ovarian transposition – S. Singh (Canada) Download abstract
  • Laparoscopic shaving and colpectomy for deep endometriosis nodule – J-P. Estrade (France) Download abstract
  • Laparoscopic endometrioma vaporisation with rectal shaving by plasmajet – J-P. Estrade (France) Download abstract
  • Robotic single-site cystectomy of ovarian teratoma – S-H. Kwon (Republic of Korea) Download abstract
  • Long-term evolution and neuroproliferation in deep infiltrating endometriosis – R. Cindea-Drimus (Switzerland) Download abstract
  • Combined laparoscopic-cystoscopic approach in the management of large bladder endometriosis nodules – B. Darwish (France) Download abstract
  • Combined medical and surgical approach to symptomatic fibroids with fertility preservation – J. Yam (Canada) Download abstract
  • Novel technique for hemostasis at laparoscopic myomectomy: penrose tourniquet application – K. Phillips (Canada) Download abstract
  • Anterior rectal wall ressection in a patient with endometriosis using Lumenis® CO2 Laser Fiber and Transtar® device – M. Rius (Spain) Download abstract
  • How to deal with a frozen pelvis in deep endometriosis? – A. Bryand (France) Download abstract
  • Standardisation of surgical technique in endometriosis – M. C. Daviu Cobián (Spain) Download abstract
  • Intravenous leiomyomatosis: a rare tumor – C. De Guirior (Spain) Download abstract
  • A case of double malignancy of endometrioid cancer arising from deep infiltrating endometriosis and endometrial cancer – Y. Ota (Japan) Download abstract
  • Conservative surgical procedure for uterine adenomyosis at Kasumigaura Medical Center – M. Nishida (Japan) Download abstract
  • Conservative rectal surgery in multifocal colorectal endometriosis instead low large colorectal resection – B. Darwish (France) Download abstract


Free communications

ROOM 3Free communications 6
Chair: E. Posadas (Spain)

  • Digestive functional outcomes following conservative or radical surgery in large deep endometriosis infiltrating the rectum: ENDORE randomized trial – H. Roman (France) Download abstract
  • Surgical management of deep infiltrating endometriosis of the rectum and sigmoid colon in 2015 in France: a case-series study of 1000 patients – H. Roman (France)
  • Serum osteopontin levels are decreased in focal adenomyosis – I. Streuli (Switzerland) Download abstract
  • AngiomiRNAs and VEGF-A presented different expression in endometrial and endometriotic tissues in recurrent endometriosis – M. Barceló-Molina (Spain) Download abstract
  • Study on global expression of endometrial genes reveals a possible link between endometriosis and endometrial cancer in a subgroup of women – K. L. Andersson (Sweden) Download abstract
  • The short form of the endometriosis health profile questionnaire (EHP-5): evaluating responsiveness to change of the French version and comparison with EQ-5D – G. Aubry (France) Download abstract
  • Plasma levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and urocortin-1 in women with pelvic pain associated or not associated with endometriosis – F. M. Reis (Brazil) Download abstract
  • Comparison of ulipristal acetate and GNRH analogues treatment before hysteroscopic myomectomy in symptomatic submucosal fibroids – V. Irene (Spain) Download abstract
  • Ovulation triggering with gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists versus human chorionic gonadotropin in women undergoing intrauterine – R. Taheripanah (Iran) Download abstract
  • The effects of ulipristal acetate in reducing myoma nodes, depending on the location – O. Leshchenko (Russia) Download abstract
  • A case series of Intravenous leiomyomatosis and literature review – C. Ang (Australia) Download abstract

ROOM 4Free communications 7
Chair: J. Ferreri (Spain)

  • Quality of life and menstrual pattern in patients with oral anticoagulants – F. Ricard (Spain) Download abstract
  • Pain management during endometrial ablation in the office – M. Bongers (The Netherlands) Download abstract
  • Comparative study between endometrial resection and electrocoagulation in patients with abnormal uterine bleeding – N. Pavoni Rodrigues (Brazil) Download abstract
  • Office hysteroscopy: feasibility and diagnostic accuracy – The experience from a Portuguese center – A. Carvalho (Portugal) Download abstract
  • Evaluation of effect of LNG-IUS and Dienogest on pre-existing endometrioma and prevention of post-operative recurrence – I. Ota (Japan) Download abstract
  • Investigation of eutopic endometrium in women with endometriosis as potentially valuable tool for preclinical diagnosis – M. Medvediev (Ukraine) Download abstract
  • Fertility preservation in patients with endometriosis: Has time come for Public Health Systems to offer it? – A. Llaneza Gonzalez (Spain) Download abstract
  • Minimal or mild endometriosis excision of uterosacral ligament is it better than simple destruction? A multicentric study – I. Aboujaoude (Lebanon) Download abstract
  • Should endometriosis women with infertility with age>35 years do IVF before laparoscopic surgery? – Y. Yu (China) Download abstract
  • Management of infertile women of old age with endometriosis-associated cyst, laparoscopic surgery or not? – Y. Yu (China) Download abstract
  • Presurgical diagnosis and surgical outcomes in patients undergoing laparoscopic myomectomy with and without associated adenomyosis – M. C. Haladjian Madrid (Spain) Download abstract

ROOM 5Free communications 8
Chair: S. Escura (Spain)

  • The role of bowel preparation prior to transvaginal ultrasound in the diagnosis of rectosigmoid deeply infiltrating endometriosis – C. Ros (Spain) Download abstract
  • Is MICA (Major Histocompatibility Class I-related Chain A) involved in the pathogenesis of endometriosis? – M. Abrão (Brazil) Download abstract
  • Importance of the ultrasonography with bowel preparation for diagnosis of deependometriosis – M. OC Goncalves (Brazil) Download abstract
  • Three-dimensional (3D) rectosonography: description and evaluation of a new 3D transvaginal ultrasonography technique with intrarectal contrast to assess colorectal endometriosis – C-H. Philip (France) Download abstract
  • In utero and early neonatal exposures in endometriosis – L. Lazzeri (Italy) Download abstract
  • The effect of vaginal gestrinone in Pentravan® with oral resveratrol and Pinus pinaster extract on pain score in patients with deep endometriosis – H. Maia Jr. (Brazil) Download abstract
  • Posterior focalized adenomyosis is associated with increased severity of deep infiltrating endometriosis – L. Marcellin (France) Download abstract
  • Dysregulated microRNA profile in peritoneal fluid from patients with endometriosis – J. Marí-Alexandre (Spain) Download abstract
  • Dysregulation of the ADAM17/Notch signaling pathways in endometriosis correlates with disease severity and fibrosis – I Gonzalez-Foruria (Spain) Download abstract
  • The final outcome of urinary retention after surgical treatment of deep infiltrating endometriosis – I. J. Arendz (The Netherlands) Download abstract

ROOM 8Free communications 9
Chair: A. Sacristán (Spain)

  • Effect of peritoneal endometriosis on ovarian reserve and ovulation in a rat model – R. Inés Barañao (Argentina) Download abstract
  • Factors associated with central sensitization in endometriosis patients – C. Allaire (Canada) Download abstract
  • Phenotypic and functional characterization of human stromal endometrial cells and their involvement in the etiopathogenesis of endometriosis – J. M. Puerta Sanabria (Spain) Download abstract
  • Electro-acupuncture treatment for women with chronic pelvic pain: a three-arm randomised controlled pilot study using a mixed methods approach – O. T. Chong (United Kingdom) Download abstract
  • New procedure for the diagnosis and prognosis of endometriosis – J. Vallvé Juanico (Spain) Download abstract
  • Surgical treatment of patients with deep infiltrative endometriosis – A. Popov (Russia) Download abstract
  • Characteristics of dyspareunia in women with endometriosis: an association to particular endometriosis localizations is overrated – A. Kohl Schwartz (Switzerland) Download abstract
  • Distribution of lesion iron and CD68+/CD163+ macrophages in endometriosis – Y. H. Lee (Singapore) Download abstract
  • Impact of hemostatic sealant for minimizing ovarian damage after laparoscopic cystetcomy for endometriosis – K. W. Young (Republic of Korea) Download abstract
  • Psychiatric disorders in women with endometriosis: correlation with pain symptoms and systemic comorbidities – S. Vannuccini (Italy) Download abstract


Coffee break and exhibition visit


Endometriosis: specific issues in daily practice

PLENARY ROOMChair: S. Bulun (USA) & S. Luisi (Italy)

  • Endometriomas, surgery and egg freezing: an expanding alliance. – J. Tsaltas (Australia) Download abstract
  • Psychiatric and chronic disorders associated to endometriosis. – S.A. Missmer (USA) Download abstract
  • Endometriosis associated pain: pathogenesis and management. – S. Mechsner (Germany) Download abstract
  • Is genetic useful for obtaining prognostic biomarkers for endometriotic patients? – S. Hamamah (France) Download abstract


SEUD Social Evening (Shuttles departure)

at the Casa Llotja de Mar | Learn more…


Tips and tricks in endometriosis and uterine disorders

ROOM 8Managing chronic pelvic pain
Chairs: M. Rius (Spain) & F. Itza (Spain)

  • Evaluating chronic pelvic pain patient. – C. Allaire (Canada)
  • Not only endometriosis: endometriosis and its “false friends”. How to diagnose? – E. Bataller (Spain)
  • Therapeutic approach to chronic pelvic pain: what gynecologists must know and what gynecologists must do? – S. Mechsner (Germany)
  • Discussion

Endometriosis: when the priority is to conceive
Chairs: I. González (Spain) & G. Casals (Spain)

  • Infertility in DIE patients: essential aspects to take into account before treatment. – P. Santulli (France)
  • Treatment of severe adenomyosis prior to Assisted Reproductive Tecnhics (ART). – E. Somigliana (Italy)
  • Fertility preservation in women with endometriosis. Patient profile and technique election. – J. García-Velasco (Spain)
  • Discussion


Adenomyosis and infertility

PLENARY ROOMChair: Y. Osuga (Japan) & B. Borghese (France)

  • Endometrial receptivity and implantation in adenomyotic patients. – G. Benagiano (Italy) Download abstract
  • Modern management of infertility for adenomyotic patients. – T. Harada (Japan) Download abstract
  • Place and modalities of surgery in the treatment of adenomyosis. – F. Carmona (Spain) Download abstract
  • Real impact of asymptomatic adenomyosis on fertility. – E. Somigliana (Italy) Download abstract


Keynote Lecture

Chair: F. Carmona (Spain)

Uterus transplantation: current state and future perspectives. – M. Brännström (Sweden) Download abstract PLENARY ROOM


Coffee break and exhibition visit


Canadian session

ROOM 9Gynecologic disorders in the OR: complications and risk reduction
Chair: S. Singh (Canada)
(English-speaking session)

  • Introduction and welcome. – S. Singh (Canada)
  • A stepwise approach to deep endometriosis. – M. Lemyre (Canada)
  • The intersection of medical and surgical therapy for fibroids. – A. Murji (Canada)
  • Advanced laparoscopic education for practicing gynecologists: an approach for success. – N. Mehra (Canada)
  • Discussion


Asian session

ROOM 8Chairs: S-W. Guo (China) & Y. F. Fong (Singapore)
(English-speaking session)

  • IL-17 in the development of endometriosis. – Y. Osuga (Japan)
  • The molecular mechanism of P2X3 mediated endometriosis pain signal transduction. – X. Zhang (China)
  • Urinary Tract Endometriosis. – YJ. Chen (Taiwan)
  • The journey of endometriosis patients seeking care: Indonesian experience. – A. Hestiantoro (Indonesia)
  • Discussion


Free communications

PLENARY ROOMFree communications 10
Chair: L. Lazzeri (Italy)

  • Proliferative activities of ectopical endometrial cells in patients with primary and recurrent endometriomas – D. Svetlana (Russia) Download abstract
  • The robotic approach for deep infiltrating endometriosis surgery: interest for a fledgeling team – J. Poujois (France) Download abstract
  • Adenomyosis related infertility: differences between diffuse and focal phenotypes – P. Santulli (France) Download abstract
  • Hypoxia stimulates glucose metabolism of eutopic and ectopic endometrial stromal cells from women with endometriosis – X-D. Wu (China) Download abstract
  • Evaluating the value of metabolites, oxylipins and cytokines as circulating biomarkers in endometriosisl: an ‘omics study – L. Y. Hou (Singapore) Download abstract
  • Evidence based therapy for infertility associated with early stage endometriosis – M. Salama Gad (Egypt) Download abstract

ROOM 3Free communications 11
Chair: C. De Guirior (Spain)

  • Perinatal exposures and the risk of endometriosis – L. Marcellin (France) Download abstract
  • Surgical treatment of endometriosis relieves pain symptoms: a 5-year follow-up – P. Suvitie (Finland) Download abstract
  • Fertility Outcomes following ablation using plasma energy versus cystectomy in infertile women with ovarian endometriomas: a prospective multicentric comparative study – B. Darwish (France) Download abstract
  • Bowel occult microscopic endometriosis in resection margins in deep colorectal endometriosis specimens has no impact on short-term postoperative outcomes – B. Darwish (France) Download abstract
  • Comparison of long-term functional outcomes following colorectal resection or conservative rectal surgery for deep endometriosis infiltrating the rectum – B. Darwish (France) Download abstract
  • Outcomes of surgical management of deep infiltrating endometriosis of the urinary tract – B. Darwish (France) Download abstract

ROOM 4Free communications 12
Chair: I. Vives (Spain)

  • Mapping of bowel occult microscopic endometriosis implants surrounding deep endometriosis nodules infiltrating the bowel – B. Darwish (France) Download abstract
  • Dietary intolerance and gastro-intestinal symptoms in women with pelvic endometriosis – Y. Muscat Baron (Malta) Download abstract
  • A survey on narrow band imaging in the diagnosis of endometriosis among junior gynaecologists – M. Li (Singapore) Download abstract
  • Possible influence of the posterior compartment peritoneum in the pathogenesis of endometriosis – E. Abesadze (Germany) Download abstract
  • Endometriosis and laparoscopic surgery outcomes – J. M. Puerta Sanabria (Spain) Download abstract

ROOM 5Free communications 13
Chair: S. Peralta (Spain)

  • Follow-up of endometriosis laparoscopic surgery – J. M. Puerta Sanabria (Spain) Download abstract
  • High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) as focal therapy of posterior deep invasive endometriosis: a feasibility clinical trial – G. Dubernard (France) Download abstract
  • New player in the endometriosis pathogenesis: Immunoregulatory Treg – K. Carvalho (Brazil) Download abstract
  • Endometriosis cyst, ethanol sclerosis after ultrasound guided aspiration vs convencional surgery – A. Biterna (Spain) Download abstract
  • Is endometriosis a prognosis factor in epithelial ovarian cancer? – M. P. Marín Sánchez (Spain) Download abstract
  • Disturbance of NKT cells subpopulation in endometriosis – K. Carvalho (Brazil) Download abstract

ROOM 6Free communications 14
Chair: M.A. Martínez-Zamora (Spain)

  • Long term effects and the impact of nerve-sparing surgery for deeply infiltrating endometriosis (DIE) on pain and quality of sex life – A. Fiaccavento (Italy) Download abstract
  • Toll-Like-Receptor (TLR) 2 and 4 responsiveness of isolated peripheral blood mononuclear cells, in young women with severe dysmenorrhoea both on and off the oral contraceptive pill – S. Evans (Australia) Download abstract
  • Ultrastructural study of granulosa cells obtained from patients with endometriosis participating in programs of in vitro fertilization (i.v.f.)&(E.t.) – A. Aly Ismail (Egypt) Download abstract



PLENARY ROOMModern management of endometrioma associated infertility
Chair: M. Abrão (Brazil) & E. Somigliana (Italy)

Hysteroscopy vs ultrasound in the evaluation of uterine cavity
Chair: C. Exacoustos (Italy) & H. Bröhlmann (Netherlands)

  • In favor of ultrasound. – G. Hudelist (Austria)
  • In favor of hysteroscopy. – A. Di Spiezio (Italy) Download abstract


Uterine fibroids: current and future treatment

PLENARY ROOMChair: H. Critchley (United Kingdom) & C. Petta (Brazil)

  • Fibroids and fertility: which fibroid and when to remove it? – G. Serour (Egypt) Download abstract
  • After storm: current state of fibroid morcellation. – R. Kho (USA) Download abstract
  • Role of aromatase inhibitors and SPRM in the medical treatment of fibroids. – S. Bulun (USA) Download abstract
  • MR-guided hifus treatment of uterine fibroids and adenomyosis. – J. Rabinovici (Israel)


Awards and Closing ceremony – PLENARY ROOM


Patients session

ROOM 5(Spanish-speaking session)

Programa médico: (15:30-16:45)
Apertura del acto : De. Francisco Carmona

  • Endometriosis y dolor en pared abdominal – F. Itza (Madrid)
  • El sexo más allá del dolor – M. Gonzalez (Barcelona)
  • Factores de riesgo ambientales y laboralies de la endometriosis – C. Valls (Barcelona)
  • ¿Qué podemos comer? – S. Sánchez Álvarez (Barcelona)
  • Urgencia Emocional – D. Torroella (Barcelona)
  • Rondas de preguntas

Sesión de pacientes (16:55-17:30)

  • El cambio empieza en ti – N. Osorio (Barcelona)
  • Mitos sobre la endometriosis – M. Camps (Barcelona)
  • Diario de una endoguerrera – G. Camuńas (Barcelona)
  • Punto vista familiar – admiración y coraje – A. Nogueras (Barcelona)
  • Juntas somos mas fuertes y despedida del acto – C. Gurruchaga (Barcelona)
Download program seud 2016

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