JEPPD Announces New Affiliation with SEUD

I am pleased to announce a new affiliation for our journal, Journal of Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain Disorders (JEPPD). The Society of Endometriosis and Uterine Disorders (SEUD) was founded in 2014 in Europe.  It is an International society, which actively encourages and publishes progress made in the field of endometriosis and related gynecological specialties. The aim of the SEUD is to provide an international scientific platform supporting better understanding and management of benign gynecological diseases and related uterine dysfunctions.  The society now wishes to establish a formal affiliation with a journal, and it is our great pleasure that they have chosen JEPPD.

I believe that, this is a fantastic opportunity for both JEPPD and SEUD. This collaboration will continue to strengthen the journal and provide more content for publication, which comes at a critical time in the journal’s history as we are currently in the process of applying for Indexation with Medline. Their choice of JEPPD is a testimony to the maturing of our journal in recent years and its place as a unique journal in a niche specialty. JEPPD is also affiliated with the European Endometriosis League (EEL).

We warmly welcome the members of the SEUD as new subscribers to our journal. We also encourage members of SEUD to submit to JEPPD, and we assure rapid and fair review with a short time from submission to publication. On behalf of JEPPD and the editorial office, we look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration with SEUD.


Errico Zupi. MD


Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain Disorders.