Discover The HELP HMB educational platform, endorsed by the Society of Endometriosis and Uterine Disorders

The HELP HMB educational platform is endorsed by the Society of Endometriosis and Uterine Disorders (SEUD). The objective of SEUD is to provide an international scientific platform supporting better management of benign gynaecologic diseases and related uterine dysfunctions.

By sharing knowledge and raising awareness on a group of diseases that affect women’s health, SEUD aims to improve disease management and reduce the impact on women’s lives.

The HELP HMB educational platform is aligned with those objectives by providing holistic, scientific and comprehensive information for healthcare professionals, patients and interested public on HMB, a very common condition associated with multiple gynaecologic diseases.

Many women lack information about HMB…
and doctors have limited time to thoroughly discuss it…

The HELP Group, an international panel of gynecologists with an expert interest in HMB, supported by Bayer, developed an educational website with sections for both healthcare professionals and for patients/interested public.
This website has been developed with endorsement from SEUD and offers reliable, comprehensive and up-to-date information to increase knowledge of HMB and related issues.

Dr Jean-Philippe Estrade, Marseille, France
A website dedicated to the education of the normal and pathological menstrual period is absolutely necessary for a better understanding of HMB by women and physician

The HCP section includes robust information on causes and treatments, interactive counselling tools, educational content such as slides and case studies, a growing library of medical images and summaries of publications, as well as latest news and events on the topic of HMB – so physicians enhance their interactions with patients.

The public section contains a variety of empowering resources such as videos, quizzes and Q&As to help deepen understanding of periods, identify heavy menstrual bleeding, prepare for a doctor’s appointment as well as to increase awareness of treatment options – enabling women to feel more informed and facilitating better discussions with their HCP.

Professor Joaquim Calaf, Spain, Barcelona
Heavy menstrual bleeding frequently remains undetected and consequently untreated
Who are the HELP Group?
The HELP group are an international group of gynecologists with an expert interest in heavy menstrual bleeding.