To combine and connect digital new technologies’ world and SEUD scientific’s world

The Society of Endometriosis and Uterine Disorders (SEUD) offers an international scientific platform which aims to improve the support of patients who suffer from benign uterine pathologies and from endometriosis. Sharing knowledge on different scientific domains enhance these pathologies diagnosis and support.

With this is in mind, the SEUD lab aims to combine and connect digital new technologies’ world and SEUD scientific’s world.

This partnership will allow to imagine a new therapeutic vision: more connected, increased and more relevant.

To allow this encounter, the SEUD Lab will expend on different levels:

  • Offers for start-ups to participate in the “SEUD’s Lab Workshop”: hand-on and surgical innovation
  • SEUD Lab Space: Start-up corner during the entire congress. This dedicated space will have 10 Booths open to participants in the exhibition area.
  • Pitch Presentation on a dedicated time slot and announced before hands in the SEUD Lab space. Best Pitch award organized.
  • Winner’s presentation during a 10-min plenary session.

← You will find those sessions on the scientifique programme following this sign

  • A space in the SEUD’ LAB during the 2019 SEUD Congress
  • 2 free industry badges with full access
  • A 2-min presentation during Friday morning coffee break
  • A 10-min presentation in Saturday plenary session for the winning start-up

Before March 29th, fill the form below to present your start-up company.

→ Our SEUD’ LAB committee will select the 10 best start-up companies.

→ Each start-up company selected must give a 1000€ deposit which will be refunded after the congress if the start-up companies were present.

→ The result will be given between March 29th and April 12th.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity and present your innovation in front of our international scientific platform!
  • Accepted file types: pdf, jpg.