Preliminary Program of 3rd Congress of SEUD

PRE COURSES (compulsory registration)



Myomectomy workshops

Organizer: Yoke Fai Fong (Singapore)
Venue: Advanced Surgery Training Centre (ASTC)
National University Hospital

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08:30  Myomectomy morning course

08:30  Registration & breakfast
09:00  Welcome address, Yoke Fai Fong (Singapore)

  • How to reduce bleeding at myomectomy? Yoke Fai Fong (Singapore)
  • Atypical locations: cervical and broad ligament fibroids, Alexander Popov (Russia)
  • Laparoscopic myomectomy and risk of uterine rupture, Vincent Cheung (Hong Kong)
  • Different methods of specimen retrieval, Francisco Carmona (Spain)
  • Laparoscopic myomectomy for large fibroids, Masaaki Andou (Japan)
  • Questions & answers


Coffee break

  • Surgical treatment of adenomyosis / adenomyoma: tips and tricks, Yoshiaki Ota (Japan)
  • Video masterclass: laparoscopic hysterectomy for huge fibroids, Masaaki Andou (Japan)
  • Video masterclass: tips and tricks on how to manage multiple myomas, Wachyu Hadisaputra (Indonesia)
  • Video masterclass: hysteroscopic resection, Peng-Hui Wang (Taiwan)
  • Video masterclass: tips & tricks, Francisco Carmona (Spain)
  • Questions & answers



14:00  Myomectomy hands-on session

  • In bag morcellation with rotocut
  • In bag morcellation with coldknife
  • Haemostasis with advanced energy
  • 2D vs 3D suturing
  • Hysteroscopic resection
  • Intrauterine Bigatti Shaver (IBS)
  • Knotless Tissue Control
  • Trophyscope for hysteroscopy



State of the art on the imaging diagnosis of endometriosis and adenomyosis

Chairs: Mauricio Abrao (Brazil) & Arijit Biswas (Singapore)
Venue: National University Health System NUHS Tower Block

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13:00  Registration & lunch
13:30  Welcome address, Mauricio Abrao (Brazil) & Arijit Biswas (Singapore)

  • TVS US versus MRI for the diagnosis of endometriosis: which is the best method? Anne-Elodie Millischer (France)
  • TVS in diagnosis of DIE at different locations, Scott Young (USA)
  • Interpretation of MRI for DIE, Anne-Elodie Millischer (France)
  • Imaging modalities for adenomyosis (2D TVS, 3D TVS, MRI), Giuliano Borrelli (Brazil)
  • Questions & answers


Tea Break

  • Use of imaging to guide surgical approach (US), Juan L. Salgado (Puerto Rico)
  • Use of imaging to guide surgical approach (MRI), Kathy Huang (USA)
  • Use of Imaging for surveillance of endometriosis, Mauricio Abrao (Brazil)

Live scanning demonstration

Chair: Rosanne M. Kho (USA)

  • Live scanning, Scott Young (USA)


Welcome desk opening at SUNTEC

SUNTECOnsite registration SUNTEC and receipt of badges.


Welcome desk opening

Onsite registration and receipt of badges.



Simultaneous live surgeries
from National University Hospital


First operating theater

  • Long endometriosis case Surgeon: Arnaud Wattiez (France)

Second operating theater

  • Single port myomectomy Surgeon : Yoke Fai Fong (Singapore)
  • Simple hysterectomy Surgeon: Masaaki Andou (Japan)

08:30 1st part

Chairs: Mauricio Abrao (Brazil), Keen Whye Lee (Singapore) & Jim Tsaltas (Australia)

10:30 2nd part

Chairs: Rosanne M. Kho (USA), Haider Najjar (Australia) & Kaiyin See Tho (Singapore)


Algerian session

ROOM 331(French-speaking session)

Chairs: Mourad BOUNIF (Algeria)

  • Imaging in adenomyosis, Abdenour Youcef Khodja (Algeria)
  • Adenomyosis management in infertility, Nefissa Lakhdara & Amel Dammene Debbih (Algeria)
  • Myomectomy by hysteroscopy without energy by HEOS Algerian experience, Farid Benaibouche & Nefissa Lakhdara (Algeria)
  • Management of submucous myomectomy our experience, Farid Benaibouche & Nefissa Lakhdara (Algeria)
  • Endometriosis in all its forms in the maternity (Sidi belabbes experience), Fadlallah Aboubekr & Yacine Benmoumen (Algeria)
  • Does laparoscopy useful in infertility management? Mokrane Medjtoh (Algeria)
  • Dysfunctionel uterine bleeding evaluation of two therapeutics SIU LNG Vs TCRE (140 cases), Yacine Benmoumen & Fadlallah Aboubekr (Algeria)
  • Management of the adenomyosis, Racim Khodja (Algeria)
  • Results of 6 years of laparoscopic surgery (Blida experience), Ismail Larbi & Nouhad Belilet (Algeria)


Japanese session

ROOM 328(English-speaking session)

Chairs: Tasuku Harada & Yutaka Osuga (Japon)

  • Hypoxia induces hypoxia inducible factor-1α (HIF-1α) and its related gene expression in uterine leiomyoma, Hiroshi Ishikawa (Japan)
  • Is mesosalpinx important for ovarian blood supply? Learning from our experiences in ovarian reserve after surgery for endometriosis and salpingectomy, Akira Iwase (Japan)
  • Estrogen actions that contribute to develop endometriosis, Taisuke Mori (Japan)
  • Lipopolysaccharide promotes the development of murine endometriosis-like lesions via the nuclear factor-kappa B pathway, Fuminori Taniguchi (Japan)
  • Epigenetically repressed microRNAs promote the pathogenesis of endometriosis, Kaei Nasu (Japan)
  • Research platform focusing on endometriotic epithelial cells, Tetsuya Hirata (Japan)


Chinese session

ROOM 331(English-speaking session)

Chairs: Chii-Ruey Tzeng (Taiwan) & Hua Duan (China)

  • The relationship between the epigenetics of eutopic endometrium and endometriosis-associated ovarian cancer, Danbo Wang (Shenyang, China)
  • Peritoneal fluid: an important sign for management of infertile women with endometriosis, Shun-Jen Tan (Taipei, Taiwan)
  • New insights into macrophages in endometriosis: Differentiation and function, Xiaoyong Zhu (Shanghai, China)
  • Assessment of a panel of serum cytokines and chemokines as potential markers of endometriosis, Ya-Ching Chou (Taipei, Taiwan)
  • Gene regulation in endometriosis, Qing Xue (Beijing, China)
  • Tubal endometriosis and its impact on fertility, Jian Zhang (Shanghai, China)


Indian session
Video session

ROOM 333(English-speaking session)

  • Complications of surgery for severe endometriosis, Vidya Bhat (India)
  • Conservative surgical management of adenomyosis, Rekha Kurien (India)
  • Laparoscopic management of Severe Endometriosis, Dr Vivek Marwari (India)
  • Surgery for AUB, Kunju Mohideen (India)


Panel discussion
on uterine disorders and endometriosis

Chairs: Kanthi Banzal & T. Ramani Devi (India)
Speakers: Tejas Dave, Nita Thakre, Sripriya Pragasam, Santhanagopalan Chitra, Kalpana Balamurugan & Sampath Kumari (India)


viforBenign gynaecological conditions: ironing out the iron deficiency (Lunch boxes will be provided)

SUMMIT 1Chairs: Ian Fraser (Australia) & James Isbister (Australia)

  • Welcome, Ian Fraser & James Isbister (Australia)
  • Total management of women suffering from gynecological conditions, Jason Abbott (Australia)
  • What does “Patient Blood Management” have to offer for women with with abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB)?, Axel Hofmann (Austria)
  • Questions & answers


Cocktail lunch & exhibition visit


Opening Ceremony


Keynote Lecture

SUMMIT 1Chairs: Charles Chapron (France) & Yoke Fai Fong (Singapore)

Uterine fibroids: a social disease with impact on women’s health, Elizabeth Stewart (USA)
Download abstract


Pathogenesis of uterine fibroids

SUMMIT 1Chairs: Yutaka Osuga (Japan) & Eu-Leong Yong (Singapore)

  • Sex steroids hormones and uterine fibroids,Serdar Bulun (USA)
  • Download abstract
  • Modulation of neoangiogenesis in uterine fibroids, Sarah Holdsworth-Carson (Australia)
  • Download abstract
  • Extracellular matrix and uterine fibroids, Felice Petraglia (Italy)
  • Efficacy and safety of the new Progesterone Receptor Modulator vilaprisan – data from the phase 2 program, Sony Singh (Canada)


Coffee break


Adenomyosis: from diagnosis to modern management

SUMMIT 1Chairs: Sun-Wei Guo (China) & Hilary Critchley (United Kingdom)

  • Diagnosis optimization with imaging process, Mauricio Abrao (Brazil)
  • Pain and bleeding management for adenomyotic patients, Tasuku Harada (Japan)
  • Adenomyosis related infertility: modern treatment, Chen Zi-Jiang (China)
  • HIFU treatment for adenomyosis, Chen Jin-Yun (China)


Welcome reception & posters visit


gedeon-richterUterine fibroids: new therapeutic development

SUMMIT 1Chairs: Susan Logan (Singapore) & Elizabeth A. Stewart (USA)

  • Distinguishing uterine fibroids from adenomyosis: sonographic features of myometrium / uterine masses – MUSAConsensus (Morphological Uterus Sonographic Assessment (MUSA) group, Magrit Dueholm (Denmark)
  • The utility of ultrasonic elastography in diagnosing adenomyosis and uterine fibroids: theory and clinical practice, Yunyun Ren (China)
  • Download abstract
  • Stem cell of uterine fibroids and bioengineering uterine tissue for repair, Tetsuo Maruyama (Japan)
  • Is MRgFUS a good option for women with uterine fibroids desiring pregnancy? Jaron Rabinovici (Israel)


Russian session

ROOM 328(Russian-speaking session)

Chair: Vera Balan & Alexandr Popov (Russia)

  • Pharmacological therapy of uterine fibroids: realities and perspectives, Mariya Yarmolinskaya (Russia)
  • UAE and MRgFUS: pro and con – What a doctor should know, Yulia Kurashvili (Russia)
  • The experience of 1500 myomectomy cases: the failures of laparoscopic myomectomy and how to overcome them, Konstantin Puchkov (Russia)
  • The principles of prophylaxis of obstetric complications in laparoscopic myomectomy, Vitaly Bezenar (Russia)
  • Uterus myoma and reproduction, Yulia Dobrohotova (Russia)
  • Questions & answers


Keynote Lecture

SUMMIT 1Chairs: Tasuku Harada (Japan) & Felice Petraglia (Italy)

Endometriosis management: time to reconsider the paradigm, Charles Chapron (France)


Coffee break and exhibition visit


zuellig pharmaCelebrating women, transforming lives

SUMMIT 1Chairs: Raman Subramaniam (Malaysia), Su Ling Yu (Singapore), Hervé Fernandez (France), Bernard Chern (Singapore), Chen Yi Jen (Taiwan)

  • Celebrating with the 1st oral therapy for smptomatic uterine fibroids, Hervé Fernandez (France)
  • Questions & answers
  • Panel discussion on experiences with Esmya


Free communications

ROOM 327Free communications 1
Chairs: Miguel Angel Checa (Spain) & Ann Tan (Singapore)

  • Extra genital endometriosis, 3 cas reports, an algerian teaching hospital retrospective experience, – Nefissa Lakhdara (Algeria)
  • Co-morbidity, inter-current infections and hormonal differences among women with and without intra-uterine adhesions seeking assisted reproduction in Nigeria – Abayomi Ajayi (Nigeria)
  • Uterine fibroid surgery – impact on reproduction : Alexander Popov (Russian Federation)
  • Influence of ovarian endometriosis on ovarian-responsiveness to hyperstimulation: An AMH-matched controlled study – Jade Raad (France)
  • Benefice of hysteroscopy for implantation failure with endometrial scratch and biopsy prior to ART second attempt, an Algerian retrospective experience – Nefissa Lakhdara (Algeria)
  • Endometrial preparation: Impact of estrogen duration of administration before frozen-thawed blastocyst transfer on live birth rate – Pietro Santulli (France)
  • Live birth rate following frozen-thawed embryo transfer is higher for day 5 than day 6 blastocysts – Pietro Santulli (France)
  • Dienogest cycle synchronization for in vitro fertilization in women with deep infiltrating endometriosis – Claudia Tosti (Italy)
  • One-year follow-up of serum antimüllerian hormone levels in patients with laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy – Yan Ding (China)
  • Successive fertility following optimized perfusion and cryopreservation of whole ovary and allotransplantation in a premature ovarian failure rat model – Yan Ding (China)
  • A case if deep infiltrating endometriosis requiring ureteric resection, psoas hitch and ureteric preimplantation – Harvard Lin (Singapore)

ROOM 328Free communications 2
Chairs: Cathryn Chan (Singapore) & Vincent Cheung (Hong Kong)

  • First Live Birth Following Removal of super Giant Myoma and Intravenous leiomatosis – Ali Farid Mohamed Ali (Egypt)
  • Laparoscopic niche correction – reproductive results – Anton Fedorov (Russian Federation)
  • Preconceptional cervical cerclage after second and third trimester pregnancy loss – Anton Fedorov (Russian Federation)
  • Pregnancy outcome in infertile women with previous laparoscopic myomectomy – Arif Tunjungseto (Indonesia Republic of)
  • Uterine fibroids and prematurity: a retrospective cohort study – Louis Marcellin (France)
  • Periperative management of myoma type I and II in infertile women; an Algerian retrospective experience – Farid Benaibouche (Algeria)
  • Influence of adenomyosis on pregnancy outcome and first and second trimester markers of impaired placentation in women with endometriosis – Ferrero Simone (Italy)
  • Endometriosis and obstetric outcomes among nulliparous women: an unicentric retrospective cohort study – Louis Marcellin (France)
  • Reproductive effects of endometriosis in the spontaneous abortion model of CBA/J×DBA/2 mice – Louis Marcellin (France)
  • Not having been breastfed may be a potential protective factor against developing deep infiltrating endometriosis among Chinese women: results from a subgroup analysis of the FEELING study – Yi Dai (China)
  • Arteriovenous malformation of the uterus – 4 Case reports – Jiri Hanacek (Czech Republic)

ROOM 331Free communications 3
Chairs: Ying Woo Ng (Singapore) & Xin Mei Zhang (China)

  • Bioinformatic analysis of transcriptomic data identifies mirnas relevant for endometriosis pathogenesis – Bruno Borghese (France)
  • Methylome genomewide analysis unveils the role of estrogen-related genes in ovarian endometrioma – Bruno Borghese (France)
  • Low plasma soluble tnfr1 levels in symptomatic women with endometriosis – Fernando m. Reis (Brasil)
  • Gene and protein expression of hla-g in deep endometriosis – Maurício Simões Abrão (Brazil)
  • Evaluating the impact of chronic pelvic pain on women’s lives: what we learned from focus group discussions – Ooi Thye Chong (United kingdom)
  • Comparative proliferative activity of ectopical endometrial cells in patients with primary and recurrent endometriomas – Svetlana Dubrovina (Russian federation)
  • Impact of peritoneal fluid ceramides on endometriosis associated infertility (EAI) – Lee Yie Hou (Singapore)
  • Neurokinin 1 receptor (nk1r) antagonism suppresses the development of endometriosis – Dingmin Yan (China)
  • Infliximab effect on immune response in endometriosis model rats sprague dawley – Syarief Thaufik Syarief Thaufik Hidayat (Indonesia)
  • Role of matrix metalloproteinases and their tissue inhibitors in spread of endometriosis – Maryia Paulouskaya (Belarus)
  • Surgical conservative management for treatment of adenomyosis: conservative adenomyomectomy – Gracia Meritxell (Spain)

ROOM 332Free communications 4
Chairs: Chong Kiat Khoo (Singapore) & Resad Pasic (USA)

  • Follow-up of mri deep infiltrative endometriotic lesions before and after pregnancy: does it change something? – Anne-Elodie Millischer (France)
  • Laparoscopic management of multiple site intestinal endometriosis – Ichikawa Fuyuki (Japan)
  • A randomized double blind placebo controlled study non the effect of Claritrhomycin on clonics and paraclinics of paients with severe endometriosis after laparoscopic surgery – Saeed Alborzi (Iran)
  • What is the best medication to prevent post-operative recurrence of endometrioma in the long term? – Yoshiaki Ota (Japan)
  • Caloric Restriction Dramatically Hinders the Lesion Growth in Mouse with Experimentally Induced Endometriosis – Bo Yin (China)
  • Acetate UPA in infertile women’s management with endometriosis and adenomyosis – Jean-Philippe Estrade (France)
  • Effectiveness of prolonged use of dienogest 2 mg in patients with endometriosis – Maria Yarmolinskaya (Russian federation)
  • Rapid and Sustained Improvement in Dysmenorrhea and Non-menstrual Pelvic Pain with Elagolix Treatment in Women with Endometriosis-associated Pain – Maurício Simões Abrão (Brazil)
  • A Study of the Clinical Impact of a Three Month Pre-Operative Course of Ulipristal Acetate in Subjects with Known Pelvic Endometriosis – Paul Simpson (United kingdom)
  • Long-term Treatment Dienogest In Adolescent Endometriosis Associated Pain – Syarief Thaufik Syarief Thaufik Hidayat (Indonesia)

ROOM 333Free communications 5
Chairs: Caroline Gargett (Australia) & Yew Ghee Tan (Singapore)

  • Difficulties of laparoscopic myomectomy and ways to overcome them – Puchkov Konstantin (Russian federation)
  • Ulipristal Acetate: A recently approved medical treatment for fibroids – Amani Harris (Australia)
  • Clinical experience in the follow-up of patients with symptomatic uterine fibroid treated with Ulipristal acetate. Is it an alternative to surgery ? – Mariona Rius (Spain)
  • Clinical outcomes of using ulipristal acetate in patients with symptomatic uterine fibroids with or without concommitant adenomyosis: preliminary study – Gracia Meritxell (Spain)
  • Ulipristal acetate in women with symptomatic uterine miomes in a real-worl clinical setting – Lafuente Pilar (Spain)
  • Impact of the SPRM Ulipristal Acetate upon endometrial gene expression and cell proliferation – Lucy Whitaker (United kingdom)
  • Influence of Diet on Development of Fibroids and Endometiosis, Analysis of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey – Olga Bougie (Canada)
  • New regimen options using ulipristal acetate for symptomatic fibroids: impact of age on the indication of the regimen – Paula Fabra (Spain)
  • Symptomatology and Patient Preferences Among Canadian Women Presenting With Symptomatic Uterine Fibroids – Philippe Laberge (Canada)
  • Efficacy and safety of the new progesterone receptor modulator vilaprisan – data from the phase 2 program – Sony Singh (Canada)
  • Peritoneal fluid 13-hode as a potential angiogenesis regulating oxylipin in endometriosis – Lee Yie Hou (Singapore)


erbeNew modalities in haemostasis


  • Good clinical pratice for TLH in myoma uteri, Amphan Chalermchokcharoenkit (Thailand)
  • The technical background of argon plasma coagulation (APC), Fritz Maier (Singapore)
  • APC in gynecology surgery, Yoke Fai Fong (Singapore)


Debates (simultaneous sessions)

SUMMIT 1Chairs: Anupriya Agarwal (Singapore) & Andon Hestiantoro (Indonesia)

Fresh versus frozen transfer

  • Edgardo Somigliana (Italy)
  • Miguel Angel Checa (Spain)

ROOM 331Chairs: Amphan Chalermchokcharoenkit (Thailand) & Su-Yen Khong (Malaysia)

The world should just ignore the FDA advisory and carry on with morcellation of fibroids / large uteri

  • Rosanne M. Kho (USA)
  • Kathy Huang (USA)


APAGE session

ROOM 328(English-speaking session)
Chairs: Angela Aguilar (Philippines) & Wachyu Hadisaputra (Indonesia)

  • The spirit of MIS in endometriosis, Chyi-Long Lee (Taiwan)
  • Laparoscopic reconstructive surgery for ureteral and Intestinal endometriosis, Masaaki Andou (Japan)
  • The fertility consideration and laparoscopic myomectomy, Chih-Feng Yen (Taiwan)


abbvieSymposium: Breaking down the pathway to pain management in endometriosis


  • Challenges in assessing pain in endometriosis, Sanjay Agarwal (USA)
  • Mechanisms of pain in endometriosis: from pathways to patients, Serdar Bulun (USA)
  • Advancing pain management and control in endometriosis, Nicholas Leyland (USA)


Cocktail lunch and exhibition visit


SEUD Assembly


allerganCanadian session
Fibroids: fertility sparing strategies

ROOM 328(English-speaking session)

Chair: Philippe Y. Laberge (Canada)

  • Introduction, Philippe Y. Laberge (Canada)
  • CAPTURE: a Canadian patient registry study, Philippe Y. Laberge (Canada)
  • Hysteroscopic removal of fibroids: state of the art, Claude Fortin (Canada)
  • Fibroids in the young woman: strategies for uterine preservation, Ally Murji (Canada)
  • Surgical management of fibroids in pregnancy, Sony Singh (Canada)
  • Wrap-up, Philippe Y. Laberge (Canada)


medtronicSymposium: TRUCLEAR / A minimally invasive option for addressing: abnormal uterine bleeding and intrauterine pathology

Chair: Keen Whye Lee (Singapore)

  • Abnormal uterine bleeding – Asia prevalence and management strategy – Toh Lick Tan (United Kingdom)
  • My experience with TRUCLEAR in hysteroscopic removal of polyps and fibroids in an outpatient “clinic/office” – Justin Clark (United Kingdom)
  • Questions & answers


Free communications

ROOM 327Free communications 6
Chairs: Anne-Elodie Millischer (France) & Eng Hseon Tay (Singapore)

  • Ultrasound changes of adenomyosis during hormonal contraceptives – Angelo Cagnacci (Italy)
  • Transvaginal sonoelastographic diagnosis of adenomyosis: A comparison with the B-mode ultrasonography and its association with clinical features – Ding Ding (China)
  • Long-term outcomes of high-intensity focused ultrasound ablation for adenomyosis: a retrospective cohort study – Jinyun Chen (China)
  • Classification of adenomyosis by MR image analysis and pathology – Ota Ikuko (Japan)
  • Three-dimensional ultrasound of adenomyosis: morphological findings, their diagnostic value and their correlation with MRI and histopathology – Tina Tellum (Norway)

ROOM 331Free communications 7
Chairs: Tew Hong Ho (Singapore) & Sung Hoon Kim (Korea)

  • The incidence of polycystic ovarian syndrome is not decreased in women suffering from endometriosis – Chloe Tran (France)
  • A Five-Year Prevalence and Characteristics of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) in Filipino women diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer – Genevieve M. Ortega (Philippines)
  • Borderline sero papillary tumor on endometrioma – Julien Bakenga (France)
  • Unsuspected uterine sarcomas undergoing morcellation: A retrospective multicenter study – Oshri Barel (Australia)
  • Clinical Analysis of Ovarian Epithelial Carcinoma in Women with Ovarian Endometriosis Aged 45 Years and Older in China – Zheng-Xing Zheng-Xing He (China)

ROOM 332Free communications 8
Chairs: Saeed Alborzi (Iran) & See Tho Kaiyin (Singapore)

  • An experience of surgical treatment for urogenital endometriosis – Alexander Popov (Russian federation)
  • Alternative Graft Colpopexy – John Missanelli (United states)
  • A comparison between reduced-port robotic surgery for myomectomy and multiport robot-assisted laparoscopic myomectomy – Kim Woo Young (Korea)
  • Influence of Race/Ethnicity on Route of Hysterectomy and Inpatient Surgical Complications – Olga Bougie (Canada)
  • Advantages of bilateral occlusion of uterine arteries during laparoscopic myomectomy – Pietro Litta (Italy)

ROOM 333Free communications 9
Chairs: Sarah Holdsworth-Carson (Australia) & Malcom Munro (USA)

  • Safety and Efficacy of the Selective Progesterone Receptor Modulator Asoprisnil for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding With Uterine Fibroids: Pooled Analysis of Two 12-Month, Placebo-Controlled, Randomized Trials – Kristof Chwalisz (USA)
  • Effective and Rapid Control of Bleeding with Elagolix with or without Add-Back Therapy in Women with Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Associated with Uterine Fibroids – Charlotte Owens (USA)
  • Adenomyosis arising in 20-year-old woman after uterine perforation – Study on the possible pathogenesis – Ritsuo Honda (Japan)
  • Efficacy and safety of ultrasound-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound in the treatment of uterine fibroids: a prospective cohort study – Vincent Y.T. Cheung (Hong Kong)
  • Research of gestrinone -related abnormal uterine bleeding and the intervention in the treatment: a multi-center, randomized, controlled clinical trial – Wang Sha (China)


Coffee break and exhibition visit


Abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB): how “PALM-COEIN” helps us manage our patients

SUMMIT 1Chairs: Gamal Serour (Egypt) & Cho Si Hyun (Korea)

  • Why are we getting the AUB classification all wrong? Hilary Critchley (United Kingdom)
  • Download abstract
  • Novel technique for correction of obstructive mullerian abnormalities, Yoke Fai Fong (Singapore)
  • AUB: managing iron deficiency anaemia, Alka Kriplani (India)
  • Download abstract
  • Endometrial ablation: trends and troubles in 2017, Philippe Y. Laberge (Canada)
  • Download abstract


Middle East session
Arab endometriosis session

ROOM 327(English-speaking session)

Chair: Ghassan Lotfi (UAE)

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery in the management of Adenomyosis, Afaf Ismail (Egypt)
  • Approach to endometrioma infertility patients: facts and strategies, Hesham Arab (Saudi Arabia)
  • Pre-and postoperative hormonal therapy: evidence for indications, Maryam Al Shukri (Oman)
  • Primary atypical dysmenorrhea in adolescents: can survey be the path for future screening of endometriosis? Moamar Al Jefout (UAE)
  • Current state of endometriosis in the region: panel discussion
  • Presentation from each representative of six Arab countries: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan


SEUD social evening at the Gardens by the Bay (shuttle departure)


New tools in endometriosis fields

SUMMIT 1Chairs: Jerry Chan (Singapore) & Khaleque Khan (Japan)

  • Understanding endometriosis: genetic approaches, Peter Rogers (Australia)
  • Role of stem cells in endometriosis, Caroline Gargett (Autralia)
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic potentials of microRNA in endometriosis, Cho Si Hyun (Korea)
  • Ovarian endometriomas and DIE: are they the same disease entity or different? Guo Sun-Wei (China)
  • Efficacy and safety of long-term dienogest treatment in Asian patients with endometriosis: data from Korean multicenter study, Kim Sung Hoon (Korea)
  • Download abstract


Latin American session

ROOM 328(Spanish-speaking session)
Chair: Juan L. Salgado (Puerto Rico)

  • Double stappler technique for bowel endometriosis: how and why? Thiers Raymundo (Brazil)
  • Conservative surgical treatment of adenomyosis, Francisco Carmona (Spain)
  • Transvaginal sonography with bowel prep: Can predict complexity of surgery for DIE? Juan L. Salgado (Puerto Rico)
  • Surgical and practical anatomy to endometriosis: tips and tricks, Luiz Flavio Fernandes (Brazil)


Keynote Lecture

SUMMIT 1Chairs: Angela Aguilar (Philippines)& Philippe Y. Laberge (Canada)

HMB, the symptom, the hormonal therapies and integral supplemental medication, Ian Fraser (Australia)
Download abstract


Videos session

Chair: Chow Kah Kiong (Singapore) & Kathy Huang (USA)

  • 10h15 – Effect of total pelvic peritonectomy (including DIE lesion) in cases of deep infiltrative endometriosis (DIE) with intractable pain – Dogyun Kim (Korea)
  • 10h21 – The Resurrection of the Laparoscopic Burch Colposuspension – Harvard Lin (Singapore)
  • 10h27 – Operative management of endometriosis with large bowel involvement at a large tertiary referral unit – Hugh O’Connor (Australia)
  • 10h33 – Laparoscopic primary repair after the diaphragmatic endometriosis resection – Choi Joong Sub (Korea)
  • 10h39 – Tips for Safe and complete laparoscopic myomecotmy – Dogyun Kim (Korea)
  • 10h45 – A case of tubal reanastomosis – Li Ma (Singapore)
  • 10h51 – Ressection of sciatic endometriosis nodule: report of 2 cases – Mariona Rius (Spain)
  • 10h57 – Surgical Tips for Robot-Assisted Isthmocele Repair – Ju Seong Seok (Korea)
  • 11h03 – Single port laparoscopic treatment of rectal endometriosis – Lee Yoon Soon (Korea)
  • 11h09 – Laparoscopic shaving for deep endometriosis nodule – Jean-Philippe Estrade (France)
  • 11h15 – Stepwise Approach to the Rectovaginal Nodule – Olga Bougie (Canada)


Free communications

ROOM 327Free communications 10
Chair: Chit Chong Khong (Singapore) & Yoshiaki Ota (Japan)

  • Vaginal Bromocriptine Improves Pain and Bleeding in Women With Adenomyosis – Johanna Andersson (Sweden)
  • Dysmenorrhea in patients with adenomyosis: a clinical and demographic study – Qing Li (China)
  • Evaluation of the therapeutic effects of different low doses of mifepristone on adenomyosis women with dysmenorrhea – Xinmei Zhang (China)
  • Neutralization of TGF-β1 signaling reduces myometrial infiltration and alleviates generalized hyperalgesia in mice with induced adenomyosis – Xishi Liu (China)
  • Study on the efficacy of a gossypol acetate-loaded intrauterine contraceptive device on experimental adenomyosis – Zhu Libo (China)

ROOM 328Free communications 11
Chair: Peter Rogers (Australia) & Su Ling Yu (Singapore)

  • Impact of Dienogest on Endometriomas ultrasonographic features and painful symptoms – Lucia Lazzeri (Italy)
  • A Study of the Histopathological Changes within Ectopic Endometrial Tissue, in Subjects with Known Pelvic Endometriosis Following Treatment with Ulipristal Acetate – P.D. Simpson (United kingdom)
  • Combined treatment of gestrinone with histone deacetylase inhibitors for the treatment of deep endometriosis-associated pain – Hugo Maia Jr. (Brazil)
  • Endometriosis and the human microbiome – Giuliano Borrelli (Brazil)
  • Activated Platelets Induce Hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha (HIF-1α) Expression through TGF-β1 in Human Endometrial Stromal Cells – Qiuming Qi (China)

ROOM 331Free communications 12
Chair: Pietro Santulli (France) & Lip Kee Yap (Singapore)

  • Genitourinary Involvement in Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis – Olga Bougie (Canada)
  • Urological Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis Patient Characteristics : From Ureter to Bladder – Wirawan Florencia (Indonesia)
  • The more effective incision method for extracting large uterine fibroids in laparoscopic myomectomy – Ryo Nimura (Japan)
  • A four-year experience with bowel endometriosis – Saeed Alborzi (Iran)

ROOM 332Free communications 13
Chair: Chung Fai Koh (Singapore) & Jin Hua Leng (China)

  • Experience in the use of agonists GnRH in the chronic pelvic pain syndrome caused by adenomyosis – Marina Khamoshina (Russian federation)
  • Does NETosis in Endometriosis Depend on the Stage of Endometriosis Progression? – Yunlei Cao (China)
  • Higher prevalence of fibromyalgia in deep infiltrating endometriosis patients – Francisco Carmona (Spain)
  • Epigenetic Regulation of Endometriosis-associated pain – Nalini Santanam (United states)
  • Multiple histeroscopic miomectomy in adenomiotic uterus after ulipristal acetate treatment – Mariona Rius (Spain)


Coffee break & exhibition visit


Debates (simultaneous sessions)

SUMMIT 1Chairs: Suresh Nair (Singapore) & Sony Singh (Canada)

Infertility and DIE: surgery first or ART?

  • Surgery, Francisco Carmona (Spain)
  • ART, Pietro Santulli (France)

ROOM 331Medical treatment of uterine fibroids as first line therapy: yes or no?
Chairs: Serdar Bulun (USA) & Alexander Popov (Russia)

  • Resad Pasic (USA)
  • Hervé Fernandez (France)


sponsored by finoxUterine fibroids and infertility

SUMMIT 1Chairs: Francisco Carmona (Spain) & Edgardo Somigliana (Italy)

  • Uterine fibroid and endometrial receptivity: the molecular basis for reduced endometrial receptivity in uterine fibroids and polyps, Jim Tsaltas (Australia)
  • Download abstract
  • Uterine contraction – possibility of tailored medicine for intramural fibroids, Yutaka Osuga (Japan)
  • Download abstract
  • Uterine fibroids and infertility: where is the clinical evidence? Paola Piomboni (Italy)
  • Download abstract
  • ART and uterine fibroids, Gamal Serour (Egypt)


Awards & Closing ceremony


Patients session

ROOM 331/332




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